Popular rapper Coi Leray posted a video of her tossing money into a pool on her Instagram page. Leray posted the video in response to critics on social media making fun of her performance at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. Leray is best known for her hit single “No More Parties” for her album COI. “No More Parties” was an instant smash hit when it was released on January 21, reaching the top 40 of Billboard Hot 100 songs at the number 26 spot.

Despite Leray’s massive breakthrough with her hit single, the rapper did not achieve the same level of success when she performed at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami on July 24. During her performance, the crowd failed to get as excited as she had hoped and were rather indifferent to her songs. This became extremely evident when the video of the concert was shown on social media. A number of critics poked fun at Leray for the fail. Many comments were extremely vicious.

Leray then defiantly posted a video of her and her friends dumping money into a pool at her mansion. “I’m upping the rate. Broke n***s in the way/Big money s**t, I pop my shit/Give a f**k what they say/.42 up in my section, we gon’ party til’ next day/We got lit, try shut us down, we gon’ head tell ’em wait/We don’t give no f***s, we all get money, let ’em hate/100K on bundles, spent a 100K on steak.”

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