Christie Brinkley appeared on NBC's Today ostensibly to talk about her role in the Broadway musical Chicago, but talk quickly turned to her messy divorce from architect Peter Cook. “I just want peace," Brinkley said Tuesday with tears welling up. "And every time I have any joy or any kind of success in anything, he has to try to destroy it.”

Brinkley and Cook's divorce was finalized in 2008, but an agreement not to talk publicly about it was not honored. “I have turned the other cheek,” Brinkley told Today anchor Matt Lauer. “There’s not one quote from me, anywhere."

Brinkley, who is seeking $172,000 in fines and education costs for their two children, alleged that Cook "bullied" her — behavior she said exemplified his character. “[Cook was] diagnosed by a court-appointed forensic psychiatrist as a bona fide malignant or extreme narcissist,” she said.

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