Chloe Sevigny, 42, showed a bit more than probably intended at the Venice Film Festival.


The American Horror Story star was at the premiere of new film Lean on Pete when her gown with thigh-high slit blew in the wind and exposed her nude underwear. She was wearing a white wrap dress with a small green leaf design. The flirty dress featured a deep cut ruffled neckline and long sleeves.

Her film, Lean on Pete, is a coming-of-age story of a boy and his horse in the American lower class. It offers fantastic performance by teen actor Charlie Plummer, as well as Sevigny, who plays a rival jockey

. As Xan Brooks says in his review for The Guardian, “Lassie came home and Willy was freed but the omens aren’t looking good for Lean on Pete, the imperilled racehorse at the centre of Andrew Haigh’s heart-rending creature feature. Pete, we soon learn, is overworked and past his prime, destined to be sold south for slaughter as soon as he loses his next race. And while Disney might conspire a happy ending for this horse, it’s likely that British-born Haigh has a different destination in mind.”

Sevigny wore a few different outfits at the Venice Film Festival, including two by designer Miu Miu. One was a short pink gigham jumper, the other a navy blue and sparkled shirt dress.

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