Lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) attends community events in support of his running for alderman.

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 4, Episode 15

Staff is rapidly changing at Firehouse 51. They receive a new Paramedic in Chili’s open spot, Rodney Ogle. The team knows of him as “the bitter end” since he’s always angry. Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) informs Candidate Jimmy Borelli (Steven R. McQueen) that the Fire Department needs to bring in more man power to the house and as a result he will have to be let go.

Stella Kid is the newest truck member at 51. Kid (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) are thrilled to be working together again after their separation.

Firehouse 51 gets a call to another firehouse. Firefighter McCormick of Firehouse 21 fell off the ladder during a drill and became unconscious.

McCormick’s fellow firefighter, Richter, witnessed the scene. Cruz thinks Richter is up to something and thinks he’s lying to his Lieutenant.

Ogle informed 51 that McCormick started dating Richter’s ex-wife and they have been fighting for weeks.

The Chief of Firehouse 21 tells Boden he needs to keep his men in line after Severide (Taylor Kinney) visited the house and “accused” his men. Severide explains the situation to him and how Cruz specifically saw the placement of the ladder.

Casey gets a new contributor to his campaign. Rich Corbin wants to “back a fresh face” within politics and thinks Casey is the perfect candidate. He hands him a check in hope that he will come meet his group of people.

The ambulance gets a call on scene of a car accident where a pizza delivery man hits a pedestrian. The woman has an injured ankle and wounded face. Her husband claimed the car came out of nowhere.

The pizza delivery man claims sudden blindness. The cop is pressing Ogle suggesting that it was reckless driving as he tries to examine his eyes. Paramedic Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) solves the problem when she asks Ogle to take a look at her chest and the delivery man immediately directs his eyes.

Back at the firehouse, Brett admits she’s had a crush on Borelli. Since he’s leaving she doesn’t mind confessing.

Chief Boden informs Borelli of a different opportunity, a position on the ambulance squad.

Brett has to backtrack and ask Borelli to “pretend that never happened” considering they will now be working together.

Casey is confronted with temptations in his run for alderman. He meets with a group of men to discuss the community and try to get some votes. He soon realizes they are part of a gang even thought they claim they are “out of the gang life.” Their questions with Casey seem to enforce the opposite, specifically requesting for a camera to be taken down from a street corner in which Casey gets up and leaves.

Casey continues to feel the pressure and he’s not even nominated yet. Casey arrives at a cocktail party to meet Corbin’s group of people. Corbin pressures Casey with a construction issue and wants him to rezone a few blocks once he’s elected.

Firefighter McCormick is in a coma in the hospital. After Richter tells Severide some new information from the scene, Severide talks with the doctor to explain a similar situation that happened at 51.

After Severide lets the doctor know, McCormick wakes up after surgery.

Kid and Severide seem to have past history. Severide approaches her at Molly’s and asks, “Does anyone know from 51?”

The harassment doesn’t end for Casey. Corbin walks into Molly’s and tells him good news, that he has enough votes to be on the ballot. But this comes at a price, if Casey doesn’t back his ideas he threatens to throw his money behind Becks and make sure he wins instead.

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