Chance the Rapper got the chance to host Saturday Night Live last night and it went rather well. Like all shows, there were many memorable skits and others that didn’t quite land as well.

The skit that received the most attention was “Come Back, Barack,” which was a music video parody starring Chance, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd. The songs begins like any other broken-hearted plea for a lover’s return but it soon reveals that the true objective is their longing is Barack Obama.

Weekend Update anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost had one of the the best punchlines of the night. “More than a dozen women have now accused actor Jeremy Piven of sexual assault spanning more than 30 years,” Jost said. “The allegations were revealed in the shocking documentary Entourage.

The other skits: “Pete Davidson on Staten Island” allows him to talk about his real feud he has with his home borough, “Sports Announcer” depicting Chance as a basketball announcer with no use for his latest assignment on ice hockey, “Rap History” where Chance, Thompson, and Redd regrouped as another musical trio with an old school Soul Crush Crew, “Family Feud: Harvey Family Thanksgiving” which was hosted by Thompson as Chance appeared as one of the family players, “Career Day” with Chance and Mikey Day as high schoolers who are way too excited by their dad’s presentation, and “Porn Pizza Delivery.”

With Thanksgiving approaching, the best skit for the holidays was “Wayne Thanksgiving,” where millionaire Bruce Wayne played by Beck Bennett has his annual holiday gathering for the less fortunate, only to get an earful from residents of a minority neighborhood.

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