It's been a big day so far, what with Kim Kardashian's pregnancy and the breakup of Michael Phelps and Megan Rossee, but celebrities haven't forgotten to tweet about the main event of the day: New Years Eve! Here's some sample celebrity tweets celebrating the last day of 2012 from across the interwebs:

— "2012 has been incredible. hope everyone is having a great new years. Let's go out BIG and have a great 2013. to everyone! thanks" — Justin Bieber

— "2012 was a year of learning the importance of family loyalty… via The Real Housewives of New Jersey" — Nicole Richie

— "My new years resolution is to try not to over tweet." — Howie Mandel

— "So excited to be in New York playing on @OfficialNYRE! It all starts at 8pm ET on ABC. Can’t. even. verbalize. how stoked I am for 2013!" — Taylor Swift

— "i feel very blessed to be able to spend time w/ my mom, family&very wonderful friends. Very grateful.. May only good things come this year." — Lindsay Lohan

— "In 2013 I am going to try to declutter my life. Floss more. Write more handwritten thank you notes. What about you??" — Katie Couric

— "Happy new year from Australia!!!!" — Mariah Carey

—"Anybody else excited about a new year starting!! I am!! #newheights #infinitepossibilities #Parker #Album10 #2013ismine #letsgetit :)" — Jennifer Lopez

— "Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Have you made your resolutions yet?" — Paris Hilton

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