A video of Cate Blanchett apparently shutting down an interviewer who asked her a frivolous question during a press junket for Cinderella has gone viral.

Cate Blanchett To Interviewer: “That’s your f–king question?”

Blanchett, who stars Cinderella as the evil stepmother was interviewed by host Jonathan Hyla on Wednesday, when she was asked a question that stunned her into silence.

“Okay, serious question, I think one of the moments that stuck out for me, is – I was most impressed. How were you able to get that cat to do what you want on a leash? I try and put my girlfriend’s cat on a leash, and it just never works for me, so I thought you could give me some tips,” Hyla asked.

Blanchett, apparently taken aback, turned to look at the other people in the room before turning back to Hyla and asking, “That’s your question? That’s your f—king question?”

Blanchett looked exasperated for a moment before ending the interview with a polite “Nice to meet you.”

Snippets of that question surfaced online and quickly went viral, with many praising Blanchett for her response to a “stupid” question, but Hyla didn’t seem to mind, sharing a short preview of the interview on Instagram. In the caption, Hyla called the interview “the best worst interview I’ve ever done.”

Hyla shared the full interview on Twitter after the 30-second clip went viral, calling the perception of his interview with Blanchett a misrepresentation. The full, four-minute interview does provide some context to the awkward clip circulating the web. Both Hyla and Blanchett fight giggles all the way through, and appear to be engaging in a good-natured back and forth.

“This is Cinderella – you’re not in the junket for Fast & Furious,” Blanchett joked with Hyla when he stumbled on a question, before starting the interview over.

Blanchett has not commented on the interview, or her strong reaction to the cat question, and Hyla has decided to let the full-length interview speak for itself.

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