Hasan Minhaj was a great host at the 2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards, which he humorously commenced by saying “Look, of all the award shows, this is by far, one of them.”

While he received many laughs throughout the first-ever gender-neutral award ceremony, there was one moment that left viewers in “utter shock,” with many calling it the “best part of the show.”  

Drawing on the audience, Minhaj turned to Oscar-winning actress, Cate Blanchett, to partake in a comedy bit that would help increase their social media views.

“Let’s get some YouTube views. I’m gonna throw you a few clickbaity titles and you give me that YouTube thumbnail face,” he says to an already-squirming Blanchett. “We’re competing with MrBeast, Cate Blanchett come correct. Here we go,” he said confidently before realizing that actress had already made her way under the table.

In shock, the 37-year-old comedian waited for her to come back up, “Cate, I’m counting on you.”

His hope deteriorated quickly and it did not take long before he turned to Todd Field for help, who also decided to join Blanchett under the table.

Desperate, Minhaj looked around looking for familiar faces, but his attempts at calling on acclaimed actresses, Marisa Tomei and Regina Hall, also fail as they make their way under the table to join Blanchett as well. Looking around him for his next skit victim, he realized he “doesn’t know any of these people,” and quickly moved on to the next presenter.

The awkward moment has gone viral on social media with many fans confused as to whether the whole thing was a pre-arranged bit or not. Regardless, the Peabody Award winner’s hopes of garnering views have indeed worked out.

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