Caroline Rose Giuliani opened up about her sexuality, past relationships and her journey to polyamory in an essay in Vanity Fair on Thursday.

Rudy Giuliani‘s daughter explained her experience as a “unicorn,” the third partner of a threesome who is named for her rarity, like a unicorn. She said once she started sleeping with couples, she explored her own “curiosity, open-mindedness, and sense of adventure.”

“Finding the strength to explore these more complicated, passionate aspects of my personality became the key to harnessing my voice and creative spark, which in turn helped me better cope with depression, anxiety, and the lingering cognitive effects of adolescent anorexia,” Giuliani wrote.

The filmmaker, political activist and writer explained that she was in an unfulfilling past relationship where she felt her partner loved her despite her unique qualities, rather than for her unique qualities.

“At the time, I didn’t fully understand what was missing from that relationship, but I did know that my partner loved me despite my weird wildness, while I yearned to be with someone who loved me because of it,” she said.

After that relationship, she said she began to explore her own sexuality, making up for lost time by engaging in lots of sex and other forms of self-discovery. She said she knew for some time that she was bisexual, but never explored what that meant to her.

“Finding my wildness as an adult was much more peaceful – it was not reacting or crying out but intentionally searching,” she wrote.

After dating a couple, she said a “heightened response to their energetic flow also started me on the path to identifying as pansexual, which feels more precise than bisexuality.”

“I am attracted to people based on their presence and energy regardless of their biological sex, gender, or gender identity,” she said.

Giuliani described an example of a couple she dated, talking through how she got to know them and how she found ways for every person in the relationship to find pleasure. Not only did she seek pleasure for herself, but she said she tried to strengthen the existing relationship with her presence.

She said that her open-minded lifestyle has made her “empathetic, radically open-minded, profoundly adventurous, and fiercely committed to telling stories that reduce the stigma surrounding sexuality and mental health – including this one, right now.”

She said she has been slut shamed for her lifestyle and acknowledged people who say she should “respect herself.” She responded saying that talking about sexuality makes it harder for trauma and negative feelings to fester.

“It’s baffling how many well-intentioned, “woke” people let this kind of sexist rhetoric slip out – I hope this piece helps you understand that I do respect myself, arguably even more than I did before I started sleeping with couples,” she wrote.

Guiliani’s father has not commented on her essay.

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