Michael Douglas‘ son Cameron Douglas will be allowed to move his probation to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.


Cameron was sentenced to nearly ten years in prison, and now the same judge, Richard M. Berman, is clearing the 38-year-old to live in LA. The decision was made after Cameron’s attorney Ben Brafman said his client was planning to live with his grandfather, 100-year-old legend Kirk Douglas, while he looks for his own housing.

Probation authorities then conceded that Cameron, now a New York City resident, has remained clean since his release from a halfway house in March.

Cameron was initially sentenced to five years in prison for selling methamphetamine in July 2009. Four years and six months were added to his sentence after he was caught smuggling drugs into the prison. Brafman asserted that Cameron was made a target in prison because of his famous family name, and because other prisoners were aware that Cameron had cooperated with prosecutors in a drug trial.

Brafman argued it was necessary for Cameron to live in L.A. so he could be present for auditions and on set. At a hearing in 2010, the aspiring actor said that being an entertainer was his “true passion in life.” He had a few minor film roles prior to his imprisonment, including in 2003’s It Runs in the Family starring his father and grandfather.

“The whole family’s on board to see that he continues his treatment and continues to improve,” Brafman said.

Despite the fact that Judge Berman was disappointed that Cameron had not begun his required 450 hours of community service, he approved the move to L.A. Brafman explained that Cameron was waiting to hear, as he’d prefer to start his hours once his location had been set.

Cameron and his girlfriend are expecting a child in late Nov. or early Dec. They plan to spend the holidays in New York with his father and family. He will move to Los Angeles on Nov. 1.

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