Bruce Jenner has rebounded from his estranged wife Kris Jenner with her former assistant and best friend Ronda Kamihira.

Bruce Dating Kris Jenner's Best Friend

Bruce, 64, and Kamihira have embarked on a romantic relationship together in recent months. "Kris is devastated," the source told People magazine. "This was her former assistant and best friend of 20 years."

"Kendall and Kylie grew up with her two kids and have been their best friends,” the sourced added.

Earlier this month, Kris admitted that the thought of dating was still daunting. “That's the $60 million question," Jenner said. "I don't know. I don't know yet. It's [daunting]."

Now that Bruce has moved on – with her best friend no less – Kris has apparently been taken by surprise. She "is just shocked,” according to an insider. “She's so sad and completely heartbroken.

Kris and Bruce had been married for 22 years in which they welcomed Kendall and Kylie and raised Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob.


  • DeloisAnderson
    DeloisAnderson on

    Kris Jenner will never be able to hold on to a relationship. She is to married to her daughter Kim. Bruce move on with his life and that is great. Kris tell lies every time she opens her mouth when it comes to her daughters. Maybe at one time or another she was a caring loving wife and mother. Somewhere she got caught up and lost in Kim life no one and nothing else seem to matter to her. So when she set up house within her and Bruce home for Kim and Kanye that broke the camel back. That's the main reason Bruce left. Kris chose Kim over her two teenage daughters and husband. That is why Kylie is running around like a loose wild teenager and Kendall tries to put distance between mom and Kim and over all Kris put Kim before her own husband. So if Bruce is dating her ex-assistant and 20 year old friend just wonderful. Bruce needs someone that cares about him and put him first so if she makes him happy I say go for it.

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