Chris Rock and Bradley Cooper, who each played a big part in Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary special Sunday night, crossed paths on the star-studded event’s red carpet.

Chris Rock, Bradley Cooper At ‘SNL 40’

Rock, who appeared on Saturday Night Live for a season before taking his career in another direction, had the honor of introducing Eddie Murphy at SNL 40. In the introduction, which served as one of the night’s many monologues, Rock credited Murphy with saving Saturday Night Live, without which Rock says he would have ended up as “the funny UPS driver in Queens,” and Tina Fey would’ve been the “funniest English professor at Drexel University.”

According to Rock it was Murphy’s edgy humor that saved the sketch show, explaining, “He came out and did a ‘yo mama’ joke. I’m serious. This was on national TV. He came out and he said, ‘Your mama got a mouth on the back of her neck and the b—h chew likethis,’” said Rock, arching his neck backwards repeatedly.

As for Cooper, who has hosted Saturday Night Live twice, he got into character as a surfer in the latest “Californians” sketch with Kristen Wiig, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader. He ended up having one of the most memorable bits of the night, making out with Betty White at the end of the sketch. SNL’s current featured players, Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson and Vanessa Bayer were also in the sketch, as well as Laraine Newman, Kerry Washington and Taylor Swift.