Céline Dion's Iles River estate in Montreal got an unexpected visitor Monday. While she, husband René Angelil and three children were away, an unarmed man broke in and made himself at home. Police spokesman Franco Di Genova said that 36-year-old Daniel Bedard didn't steal or break anything, but instead, acted as if he were a family friend.

Bedard allegedly hopped over a fence at the property and found a garage opener in an unlocked car, which granted him entry to the sprawling residence Monday afternoon. Authorities arrived with a police dog shortly after a security guard alerted them of the open garage doors. Surprisingly, the home was in good condition.“It’s rare that you see this," police spokesperson Nathalie Laurin told the Montreal Gazette. "There was no theft, nothing stolen, broken or messed up."

Police said that the suspect did not resist arrest, but did utter suicidal thoughts. He was later taken to a hospital for evaluation and was arraigned on charges of breaking and enterting, auto theft and property damage on Tuesday.

So far, Dion and her husband have not issued a comment on the incident. The couple shares two other homes in America: one in Jupiter Island, Fla., and a another in Las Vegas, where the international music sensation has a concert deal with Caesars Palace through 2014.


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    That is a rather strange break-in. Glad to hear it wasn't anything worse than that. I had no idea she was back in Vegas though.

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