Roberto Hernandez took home the biggest prize by losing the most amount of weight on The Biggest Loser. Hernandez lost 160 pounds, about 46 percent of his body weight, to win $250,000 and the Season 17 title of The Biggest Loser in Monday’s two-hour live finale on NBC. 

‘Biggest Loser’ Season 17 Finale

Even after the contestants were eliminated, they were still able to compete from home for the cash prize. Monday night’s show was also a reunion for all 16 contestants coming together for their final weigh-in.

His twin brother Luis Hernandez took home second place by losing 139 pounds, about 45 percent of his body weight even after he was eliminated in the beginning of February. He took home $100,000.

The twins joined the competition after they feared they were hypocrites for being overweight gym teachers. Since leaving the show, Luis became a Crossfit trainer and both brothers have avoided the temptation of their mom’s home cooking.

“The temptations were everywhere and you and your brother never wavered,” host Bob Harper told Luis.

Roberto also found motivation when he made a promise to his son to not waver on his weight loss: “He said to me, ‘Daddy, you promised me you wouldn’t sit down.'”

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