If you’re looking for that quality sound at an affordable price, look no further. Beats EP, the new Beats product that has reviewers talking, is what you seek.

Beats is well known for their high-priced, high-quality headphone sets. They’ve taken the initiative even further with Beats EP. This new Beats product gives consumers the brand name and quality at a $79.99 value. Let’s see what we get with this new headphone:

THE GOOD: The Beats EP headphone is made of reinforced with stainless steel. The headphone has a tight structure which delivers quality sound. It has a reasonably comfortable fit as well (being that it’s an on-ear model), and also includes a microphone to make calls. Although not as exclusive as the over-ear Executive and Pro models, Beats EP does have a flashy appeal (that 80 bucks can buy) and is available in popular colors — blue, black, red and white.

Bad: One of the only complications users may find is that the Beats EP does not fold up or flat. So it will essentially require some extra care when traveling.


Simply put: Beats EP is a good value for the price. Comfort is a main focus: the headphone also has a tight fit for better sound quality.

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