President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump’s, private school will not begin the fall semester with in-person learning. The head of Barron’s school, Robert Kosasky, announced in a letter sent to parents that St. Andrew’s Episcopal School would begin in early September with a virtual-learning-only plan. 

St. Andrew’s is a K-12 school with 645 students located in a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC. Barron has attended the school since 2017 and he will begin ninth grade in September.

In the letter to parents, Kosasky wrote that the school would act under the guidance of an order by a Montgomery County, Maryland, health official sent out on Friday. The order said private schools could not open in-person learning until at least the first of October.

“[The Montgomery County] directive aligns with our most current thinking about how to open school well in September while protecting the health of our students, families, and employees,” Kosasky said.

St. Andrew’s will abide by this guidance even though Maryland Governor Larry Hogan overruled the county’s decision on Monday with an emergency amendment. The amendment stated that private schools could determine for themselves when and how they will reopen.

Kosasky’s letter comes after President Donald Trump has been vocal in sharing his opinion that schools should reopen with in-person learning this fall.

However, the virus continues to spread throughout the country making it hard for school officials to decide whether or not to fully reopen. Montgomery County Maryland saw 17,900 new cases of COVID-19 this week.

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