Former President Barack Obama sported a casual look Monday at the Seed & Chips: Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy.


Obama gave the keynote speech at the meeting and wore a suit and no tie. Not only that, but the President didn’t button his shirt up all the way either.

Many on Twitter thought 44 was rocking the casual look, while others thought perhaps he had taken it a step too far. “At his next speaking event Obama’s gonna roll in with his shirt completely unbuttoned, piña colada in hand,” said one Twitter user. “Great Obama message on climate, but he’s taken “casual post-presidency” one button too far,” said another.

The Obamas recently returned from an extended vacation, and are getting back to business with speeches. For her part, Michelle Obama recently celebrated College Signing Day with Nick Cannon, keeping her focus on youth and education.

Reporter Allan Smith joked on Twitter that, “Obama undoes an additional button for each month he’s been out of office.”

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