The Bachelorette returned Monday with three of Kaitlyn Bristowe‘s suitors remaining and two more overnight dates left.

The Bachelorette Recap

After a brief return to Shawn Booth and Nick Viall’s war of words, featuring a number of awkward low blows and vague defenses traded between the two grown men, it’s time for Kaitlyn to have her one-on-one date with Ben Higgins. “Ben is hot. Ben is just Ben,” Kaitlyn gushes on her way to Galway to meet up with the one guy remaining who isn’t caught up in the ego drama.

The first part of the date involves horseback riding. Both Kaitlyn, a horseback riding virgin, and Ben, an accomplished horseback rider, whisper into their horses ears to convey what they want out of the romantic date. Eventually, the giggling duo arrives at a field full of donkeys. They feed the donkeys and then get chased by the donkeys before dropping the feed bucket and trekking off to get their own meal. They pull up to a picnic overlooking a castle – scenic picnic number 50 of this season. Over their picnic lunch, Ben tells Kaitlyn that he’s falling in love with her, asking, “Why not dive in? Why not start a life together? That sounds fun to me.”

Kaitlyn then tells Ben that for dinner they’re going to be dining and staying in the castle down below. Once inside the castle and enjoying a fireside meal, Ben further professes his love for Kaitlyn. He then admits to her that he just turned 26, and even though she’s about to turn 30, he doesn’t think anything of their ages. He’s relieved to hear that Kaitlyn thinks of him as a very mature person, and his age doesn’t bother her at all. Kaitlyn then presents him with the Fantasy Suite card, and he responds by enthusiastically declaring that it will be the best sleepover ever. The morning after, Kaitlyn says she’s never been more confused, as she’d never planned on falling in love with him too.

Back at the resort where the guys are staying, Kaitlyn goes to pick up Shawn for their overnight date, declaring Zoolander-style that “he’s super good-looking.” But, she admits she misses the sense of humor he showed earlier on in their angsty courtship. She decides to force the fun, and dresses him in a bright pink and blue outfit for a golf outing. “Shawn looks like a huge dork, but the hottest dork ever,” Kaitlyn declares before Shawn draws numerous parallels between golf and love.

After Shawn shows off his pitiable short game, Kaitlyn decides it’s time to up the ante with a game of truth or dare. Shawn chooses dare. Kaitlyn, not one to waste an opportunity for some voyeurism, tells him he has to strip and streak across the golf course. After finding out that he was wearing black leggings under his blue chinos, she steals his clothes and runs away with them.  Shawn, black censor box in tow, chases after her with his golf club.

Later on, the two declare their love of their golf outing and that it was nice to be laughing together again instead of crying together. Kaitlyn steers things in a less romantic direction by bringing up the third point in their love triangle – Nick. She wants to know what the deal is there, and Shawn tells her that he confronted Nick the other day, and told him that he didn’t think he was 100% on the show for her and that he didn’t think he was a very good person. Kaitlyn lets him finish before letting him know that Nick doesn’t think that highly of him either, and shared his off-putting eskimo brothers anecdote. Stewing, Shawn calls Nick a 16-year-old girl. Kaitlyn pulls out the Fastasy Suite card so that they can continue their chat without the cameras.

The next morning, Shawn goes back to the resort and finds Nick there waiting to talk to him outside his door. Nick doesn’t get to say whatever it was that he wanted to say before Shawn goes on the attack, chastising him for trying to throw him under the bus with Kaitlyn, and calling Nick a “smooth talker who loves to hear himself talk.” Then, he kicks Nick out. Nick takes to skulking around the grounds, upset that Shawn didn’t want to have a man-to-man conversation with him.

Rose Ceremony

At the Rose Ceremony, the three remaining men stand hopeful that they won’t be the one who doesn’t get the rose. Kaitlyn, a ball of nerves, has to delay the start to runoff and cry for a couple of seconds before returning to the ceremony. The first name she calls out is Nick; the second is Shawn, meaning it’s the end of the road for drama-free Ben.

Meet The Families

In Utah, Kaitlyn first spends some time with Nick before getting introduced to his family. He tells Kaitlyn that while he had a fair amount of doubts when it came to his relationship with Andi, with her, he’s completely confident that they could work out. Nick starts to tear up and then confesses that he is totally in love with her. Then, they go to meet Nick’s family members, all of whom are hesitant because of his last go around on the dating show. Kaitlyn greets and chat with his parents and his seven siblings, winning their stamp of approval.

Still in Utah, Kaitlyn then gets together with Shawn and his family. Shawn, whose mother can’t make it, wants to tell Kaitlyn he loves her – if and only if she gets along with his two sisters, dad and aunt. They, like Nick’s loved ones, are skeptical about the whole process, but Kaitlyn manages to charm them with some candor and kind words about their golden boy. Kaitlyn also learns from Shawn’s older sister, that she can definitely see him being ready to settle down with the right woman. After getting his father’s blessing, Shawn finally tells Kaitlyn that he’s in love with her.

Next week on The Bachelorette is the “Men Tell All” special.

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