Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, opened with Wells dealing with his multiple ladies and Caila deciding to leave paradise because of Ashley’s drama. Jared is very upset and although Ashley caused this she shows him that she’s upset too. Finally, Jared doesn’t fall for what Ashley’s doing and decides to leave with Caila. Ashley is upset that she and Jared didn’t leave things on the best note but since there’s nothing she can do about it she might as well focus on her new relationship with Wells.

Wells and Jamie return from their date to hear the update on Jared and Caila and Wells realizes that Ashley may be in a bad place because of everything going on. He apologizes for going on a date with Jamie without letting her know. Meanwhile, Jamie is very confident that Wells is completely focused on her and has forgotten about Ashley. She seems to be right.

Izzy and Brett are continuing their relationship and she says that although she isn’t comparing him with Vinny, she does feel a lot more comfortable with Brett.

Lauren from Ben’s season arrives (obviously not the Lauren who won) and Brett immediately takes notice.


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Shushanna arrives too and she and Lauren are tasked with picking guys to go on a double date. Shushanna picks Wells and Lauren picks Brett. Izzy, Ashley, and Jamie are all upset.

The double date begins with surf lessons. Each of the quartet enjoy seeing everyone in their bathing suits, to say the least.

As Izzy realizes how much she cares about Brett now that he’s gone, he’s deciding he wants to pursue things with Lauren after their date.

Wells has also fallen under Shu’s spell and has added her to the list of women he has feelings for.

Evan and Carly are going hard in their commitment to their relationship, no pun intended.

Nick is still sharing his opinion about Josh and his relationship with Amanda. Amanda acknowledges her confusion as a result of everything she’s been hearing but is hopeful that she knows the real Josh. Luckily, Amanda gets a date card just in time.

Amanda expresses her concerns to Josh but they don’t seem to be coming across as concerns the same way they to in the confessional or to her friends. She assures Josh that she feels strongly for him and is trying to get a grasp on how he feels about the future. He tells her that he’s falling in love with her and she says in the confessional that she loves him too.

The double-daters return from their date and Ashley is eager to get Wells’ attention. Jamie has the same idea. Jamie gets to talk to Wells first and is clear about her intentions. Ashley feels shafted again, and it doesn’t help that Shushanna tells her how good of a kisser Wells is. Ashley talks to and kisses Wells later but he is completely unsure about what to do at the rose ceremony.

All of the relationships will culminate at the two-part finale starting Monday.

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