No more sk8er bois for Avril Lavigne: the 26-year-old Canadian pop star, who appears in this month's issue of Maxim, has grown up since her last cover shot.

Lavigne, who first posed for the magazine at 19, has since been married and divorced from Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley and is now dating reality darling Brody Jenner. The singer recalled her first time shooting for Maxim. "I’m older and more comfortable with my femininity," she said. "The first time I … was very nervous. I was more of a tomboy, I guess."

Her opinions about the opposite sex have also evolved over the years. The punk-pop artist says her new album "is the first that is not boy bashing." Little wonder that her expressed preferences for men no longer skew to the rebellious. "I like a classy man, a gentleman who opens the door and gives flowers and always puts the lady first. I'm a little old fashioned like that," she said.

But Lavigne definitely isn't interested in getting too Hollywood. “I got here on my own. I came from a small town and grew up in a regular home," she said. "I know what I’ve worked hard for. I’ve seen a lot of people who have gone a little crazy and who are really into the Hollywood scene. I don’t really like to hang out with people like that.” –AMY LEE

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