Ashley Judd reportedly filed a report against her half-sister Wynonna Judd, claiming that that she attached a GPS tracking device to her car.

Ashley Judd Says Sister Spied On Her

Judd filed the report last month, which states that the actress became aware of the device after it was discovered by a mechanic in Tennessee. She allegedly believes that that GPS found on her Mini Cooper was the work of her sister Wynonna.

According to the report, Judd “believed Wynonna Judd placed the device on the vehicle,” and told an officer that she “believed Wynonna had placed or had someone else place the device on her vehicle.”

An investigation that was launched reportedly uncovered that Wynona Judd got the tracking device from a private investigator. She gave the device to her ex-husband Arch Kelly, who then placed it on Ashley Judd’s car. Apparently, the erstwhile couple was under the impression that their daughter was driving the vehicle.

Ashley reportedly has custody of whomever frequently drives the Mini Cooper, presumably her sister’s daughter. The tracking device could have been placed there as part of the Judds' ongoing custody dispute.

The case is currently listed as inactive and no charges have officially been filed, according to The Franklin Police Department.

Wynonna Judd Responds To Allegations

Ashley Judd hasn't publicly commented on the alleged dispute, but her sister Wynonna has attempted to clear the air on Twitter, claiming there's not much to the reports. She also retweeted a fan who shared a video of the two sisters, implying it proves that the two "love and support" each other.

– Chelsea Regan

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