Argentinian rock star Cristian “Pity” Alvarez has been charged with murder related to a shooting of a man in Buenos Aires last week.

BBC reports that Alvarez’s acquaintance Cristian Diaz was shot four times and killed after an argument. Allegedly, Alvarez fled the scene and tried to discard the weapon later found in a sewer. A day later, he turned himself over to authorities and was taken into custody. Police then found his Volkswagen Polo green patent DQP 320 in the Buenos Aires neighborhood near where the murder occurred.

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“I killed him because it was either him or me. Any animal would do the same,” Alvarez told reporters.

Reportedly, Alvarez’s lawyer explained to judge Martin Yadarola that Alvarez was troubled with a drug addiction at the time. Nonetheless, Yadarola ruled the lead singer of the bands Viejas Locas and Intoxicados to be capable of murder. Additionally, he ordered Alvarez to enroll in a drug addiction program, remaining under arrest for the time being.

MDZ Online reported the rocker ingested 5 viagra pills in the summer of 2010 and was hospitalized for 24 hours. Consequently, he was diagnosed with necrosis and other liver issues.


He left the band Viejas Locas in 2000 to start Intoxicados but performed in both bands over the last nearly two decades. They released successful albums in Argentina, according to Variety.

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