After it’s market debut a year-and-a-half ago, the Apple Watch undergoes some radical new performance changes in the Series 2 model, which was announced at yesterday’s conference. Functional upgrades take precedent over form for this upgrade, with Apple’s signature wearable upping it’s sports compatibility in order to compete with a growing supply of fitness trackers and multi-use smartwatches.

The new watch—and previous generation watches currently being sold—come equipped with a faster dual-core processor, for more responsive apps, and a brighter display, allowing for improved viewing conditions in direct sunlight. Most significantly, the Apple Watch Series 2 includes GPS, useful for measuring distance while running, hiking, or biking, and a swim-proof shell that is water-resistant up to 50 meters (164 feet). This puts it in competition with other smartwatches currently capable of tracking swimming, although a lack of cellular functionality means the watch cannot work independently of your iPhone if you want to utilize all of its features. Similar to the recent changes in Fitbit‘s line of wearable tech, the Series 2 Watch, as part of Watch OS3, includes a breathing exercise guide and a fully comprehensive workout app and virtual coach.

Apple Watch Series 2 Line

While the aesthetics of the device remain largely the same, those liking the vintage white modernist shine of the old iPhone can get an Apple Watch in ceramic white. Nike is also developing a special edition of the watch, with green and black patterns designed to mimic the look of its signature FuelBand. Across all models of the watch is Watch OS3, a totally redesigned operating system that addresses past grievances towards functionality. The most important change is the command assigned to the side button, which previously pulled up a contact list. Now, the watch will display read-to-use apps at the touch of a button, and the elimination of Force Touch allows watch faces to swapped with a left or right gesture. Altogether, the new watch promises clean and simple interfaces merged with improved performance for sports and everyday activities.

The Series 2 will go for $369 when it becomes available September 16 (pre-orders start on September 9). For those looking to grab an improved series one, those will go for $269.

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