As wearable technology increases in popularity, so does a growing need to track our daily stats and analyze our routines. From athletes to the average gym-goer, Fitbit emerged on the scene as a convenient way to monitor and improve one’s fitness, all from a sleek wristband. Determined to press forward in their CEO James Park’s belief of “understanding what consumers want,” the fitness tracker brand has unveiled several upgrades to devices in the Charge 2 and Flex 2 trackers. New features include enhanced workout recognition, guided breathing sessions, and a swim-proof band.

Beef Up Your Workout Stats With The Charge 2

Designer for more detailed tracking and exercise, The Charge 2 has some of the more impressive upgrades, starting with an easy-to-read display that is four times larger than its predecessor. Building on Fitbit’s PurePulse continuous hear rate monitor (it was the first wearables company to provide continuous monitoring), several new features implement your heart rate data to provide a more personalized workout experience. Using your estimated VO2 Max, which is a combined measurement from your profile, heart rate, and exercise intensity, The Charge 2 can provide an automatic cardio fitness score as well as personalized guidance to improve it. Want to wind down from your workout? The new wearable also features guided breathing sessions, based-on the beat-to-beat changes of your heartbeat. The Charge 2 is capable of guiding you through interval training too, allowing you to focus on circuits without getting caught up in the tech.

Other exercise stats are also available automatically as your workout, and the multi-sports mode has been expanded to include runs, bike rides, weights and more, with SmartTrak automatically recording everyday activities. Of course, a post-workout report is available through the Fitbit App.

The Charge 2 comes with plenty of endorsement, with athlete Gabby Reece having this to say about the device in the official press release:

“Ever since my days as a competitive athlete, staying healthy and fit has always been a top priority, and I’ve built my life around those goals,” said Gabby Reece, athlete, model, mother, fitness leader and Fitbit ambassador. “Fitbit Charge 2 is unique in that it gives me the tools and guidance for both. I not only have continuous visibility into my heart rate which gives me real insight into my overall health including workouts.”

Priced at $149.95, The Charger 2 is the perfect fitness wearable for those looking for detailed statistics and the edge to push your athletic prowess.


Fitbit Flex 2

For those looking for a fitness monitor that is less conspicuous and built for everyday activities, like tracking steps walked and activity time, the Flex 2 provides the same cardio tracking with new improvements useful for more varied activity. Now 30% smaller and with a removable tracker and band, the fitness trackers fits into your life without being obvious or in the way. Most notably, the Flex 2 is now water resistant up to 50 meters, which means you can wear it the shower, or when you are doing laps at the pool. Also featuring SmartTrak, the device logs your activity while offering personal fitness goals and a reminder to move, with progress viewable both on the app and via the LED color-coded lights on the band. Those same lights can now keep you updated with call and text notifications, too.

The Flex 2 also comes with a celebrity endorsement from singer, dancer, and actress, Julianne Hough:

“Whether I’m working out, taking a class, rehearsing or running errands, I want a device that is small, yet stylish, that I can match to whatever I’m wearing,” said Julianne Hough, dancer, singer, actress and Fitbit Ambassador. “Fitbit Flex 2 helps keep me motivated to hit my health and fitness goals, and it’s even swim-proof, so I can truly get credit for everything I do in my day.”

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