After plenty of back and forth over whether or not the mega-hit reality competition show American Idol will return, it has nearly been confirmed that it will – only this time, on ABC. American Idol went off the air in 2016 after the conclusion of its fifteenth season on FOX.

Now, the only question that remains is whether or not the show’s long-time host, Ryan Seacrest, will once again grace the stage as the master of ceremonies.

Seacrest is currently already booked to co-host alongside Kelly Ripa on Live With Kelly and Ryan but Freemantle production company, the show that produces Idol, doesn’t necessarily see this as a problem.

Live is filmed in New York City and American Idol has historically been filmed in Los Angeles but Freemantle has worked out a plan in which Seacrest would work in New York Monday through Thursday and then fly to Los Angels on the weekends to tape Idol on Sunday.

While the plan may work for the producers, ABC has yet to speak with Seacrest about the potential of returning to his hosting duties, according to TMZ.

Seacrest’s first week of hosting Live has just come to a close and it seems unlikely he’d be willing to fill up his plate again so soon.

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