American Horror Story: Coven took shock factor to another level during Wednesday night’s incredibly horrific hour titled the misleadingly innocuous “The Replacements.”

It started with a flashback to 1971, when Fiona (Jessica Lange) was a student at Miss Robichaux’s and coming into her powers with the tutelage of the Supreme of the day (Christine Ebersole). The throwback scene offers some more insight into the mythology behind Coven’s witches, revealing that the Supreme must master the Seven Wonders before claiming her spot. The young Fiona feels ready to assert her Supremacy, but the reigning witch waves her off.

Enraged, Fiona lists off all the ailments that are plaguing her elder, and points out that she gets stronger, while the Supreme gets weaker. The elder, having seen into the future, knows that the Coven falls apart under Fiona’s reign and says so. But before she can do anything to stop Fiona from her ascent, the young witch slices the throat of her predecessor. Spalding watches on, and for that unfortunate timing, he loses his tongue.

In the present, Fiona is consumed with her own advancing age, reminiscing about her past array of lovers before paying a visit to a plastic surgeon for a consultation to see how she might best preserve what remains of her youth.


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Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), who can never take a lover without subsequently killing him, goes to see the mother of her Dr. Frankensteined crush Kyle (Evan Peters) . Mrs. Spencer (Mare Winningham) smokes weed and rocks a braid, and, just before Zoe arrived, was poised to hang herself. When Mrs. Spencer shares her fears about there being no afterlife for Kyle, Zoe informs her that her son has received a second life. When Zoe goes to get Kyle from Misty (Lily Rabe) at her cabin in the woods, Misty tries unsuccessfully to get both Kyle and Zoe to stay. After they leave, Misty resorts to the company of the second Stevie Nicks' song (“Sara”) in so many weeks. When Zoe arrives back at the Spencer residence, fear spreads across Kyle’s face. His fear is understood moments later after Zoe leaves, when his mother show’s her true colors as her son’s molester.

Back at Miss Robichaux’s, the girls watch on as a shirtless guy moves possessions into a nearby house. Ogling his looks, the young witches dish about their virginity, or lack thereof. While Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe) announces that she has plans to save herself till marriage; Nan (Jamie Brewer), to everyone’s surprise, claims she’s not a virgin. Meanwhile, Madame LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) is upstairs and catches a glimpse of President Barack Obama on the “magic box” and is beside herself that a black man had been elected president. After revealing she’s personally voted for him twice, Fiona tells LaLaurie she’s now Queenie’s personal slave.

Eventually the girls decide to go seek out the testosterone next door. As it turns out, the young guy, unlike Nan, is a virgin – and he doesn’t have TV or Internet either. When his mother Joan (Patti Lupone) appears, Luke begins to make more sense. Joan, devoutly religious, wastes little time before asking the girls about their thoughts on Jesus. Being a good witch, Madison (Emma Roberts) shuts that whole thing down before accidently setting the curtains on fire. She’s got the power of pyromancy too? Anyway, when Joan walks over to Miss Robichaux’s later she tells Fiona about what Madison did – but not before gifting her with a Bible.

Fiona, more concerned with preventing death than preparing for it, goes to see her cosmetic surgeon. There she learns that, not only will the surgery she wants not be possible, but that she’s dying from cancer and only has a year to live. Meanwhile, her daughter Delia (Sarah Paulson) learns from her fertility doctor that she’ll never be able to bear a child. Neither her magic, nor the magic of IVF are going to put a baby in her belly. Delia then tries one last option, and goes to see Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau (Angela Basset). Though Laveau tells Delia exactly how she’d perform the spell, she refuses to treat the daughter of her great rival.

Laveau’s powerful magic has set her lover-turned-minotaur loose on LaLaurie, and he shows up at Robichaux’s, hoofing at the door. Queenie takes it upon herself to lead him away and into the garden, where she sympathizes with his plight. And then, she offers her virginity to him. Before the partial-bestiality can ensue, the minotaur suddenly grabs her mouth.

Upon coming to the conclusion that Madison is her heir to the Supremacy, Fiona decides to take her out for some pseudo mother-daughter bonding. Madison opens up about her mommy issues, while Fiona talks about her own misguided attempts at motherhood. At a bar, the witching duo plays pool, where Fiona notices how Madison enraptures men as she once did. Back at the house, Fiona lets Madison in on her destiny to become the Supreme – and that she’s sucking away her powers in the process. Fiona expresses regret for how she ruled and for how she came into her rule, before she hands over the knife with which she slew her mentor and tells Madison to use it on her. Madison refuses, so Fiona snatches back the knife and slices the neck of her successor.

American Horror Story: Coven airs Wednesdays on FX at 10/9c.

– Chelsea Regan

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