After a heavy amount of criticism surrounding its first season, many fans were unsure if Amazon Prime’s Hunters would be renewed for a second season. Last week, the show was finally renewed, and it will resume filming in 2021.

Created by David Weil, Hunters follows an intelligent-yet-timid young Jewish man named Jonah Heidelbaum (Logan Lerman) who joins a group of Nazi-hunting vigilantes in 1977 called “The Hunters“ after his grandmother (Jeannie Berlin) is murdered by a Nazi. Led by his grandmother’s mysterious childhood friend and fellow Holocaust survivor Meyer Offerman (Al Pacino), Jonah must gain his confidence and help his allies take down a group of Nazis who are secretly conspiring to set up a new regime under the leadership of a manipulative woman known only as the Colonel (Lena Olin). Little does Jonah know that he is not alone in his goal, as an ambitious FBI agent (Jerrika Hinton) is also investigating the scheme of the Nazis, suggesting that she could be a dangerous enemy or a powerful ally to Jonah and the Hunters.

The first season of Hunters received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences for its action, dialogue and performances, particularly from Lerman as Jonah and Pacino as Meyer Offerman. However, there was a massive amount of criticism regarding the tone and overall plot of the show, as some viewers considered the subject material to be too dark and the comedic scenes within the show to be very offensive. Hunters has also been noted to share several similarities with The Boys, a popular show that also airs on Amazon Prime Video, which also focuses on a timid young man who joins a group of morally ambiguous people in order to take down an antagonist after the death of their loved one.


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