The house that Amanda Knox shared with Meredith Kercher before her murder in Perugia, Italy, is proving difficult for the owner to sell.

Meredith Kercher 'Murder House' A Tough Sell

The Italian “murder house” was initially put on the market by its owner Aldalia Tallanelli for $630,000. With a dearth of offers on the table, Tallanelli has reduced the price of the property to $520,000, reported RadarOnline.

"The owner of the property really wants to sell the house," an agent for Tecnocasa real estate agency told RadarOnline. "But it has not been easy to find potential buyers who are willing to overlook the fact that a brutal murder took place there."

"The owner is adamant that everything possible be done to discourage anyone in the realtor's office from saying a word about the murder, even though it is next to impossible to hide that fact," RadarOnline's source added. "The owner hates the negative association her property has with the Meredith connection and really just wants to be free of the place now."

Amanda Knox Trial

In November 2007, Kercher was brutally murdered in the villa. Her roommate, Knox, an exchange student from Seattle, Wa., was accused and charged with committing the murder with her then-boyfriend Raphael Sollecito. Their convictions were overturned, but the case was reopened in 2013. Both Knox and Sollecito were found guilty and sentenced to 28.5 years and 25 years, respectively.

Italy has yet to begin extradition procedures in order to make Knox fufill her sentence. Sollecito has been released from jail as he awaits his next – and last – appeal.

– Chelsea Regan

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