Tom McCarthy‘s Stillwater is a crime thriller that follows a redneck father (Matt Damon) of a young girl (Abigail Breslin) who is trying to prove his daughter’s innocence after she has been convicted of killing her roommate in France. A crime horror story many are all too familiar with after the story of Amanda Knox story gained national attention in 2007.

Damon’s character, Bill Baker, is an unemployed southern man who travels to Marseille to help his daughter, Allison. Though he is somewhat useless as he cannot speak French, does not understand many cultural differences and faces a complex legal system filled with hoops to jump through. Baker and his daughter fight for her freedom and to gain one another’s trust back after years of estrangement. In a stroke of luck, Baker stumbles across a French actress, Virginie (Camille Cottin), who helps him more than he ever would have expected. These unlikely allies work together to help Allison, while also falling in love with one another in the meantime.

After releasing in theaters earlier this year in July, Stillwater is now available on Blu-Ray and DVD this month. There are a number of special features included in the Blu-Ray release including:

• A discussion with the cast of Stillwater, as they talk about their characters and the research they did in order to portray them authentically.

• A filming location guide that details the places across Marseilles and Calanques the cast and crew traveled in order to capture the feeling director was going for

• A profile on McCarthy by the cast and crew. Both discuss the thought making process McCarthy goes through while writing and directing various scene, and how his point of view changes the vision of his movies.

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