Anna Chapman, deported from the U.S. last year as part of 10 Russians accused of being spies, has a new gig. The 28-year-old will host an upcoming Russian TV series called Secrets of the World, which sets out to explore unexplainable mysteries. “Everyone is interested in mysteries because they are secrets, they are unsolved,” she told the BBC on Sunday.

Chapman continues to remain silent about what thrust her into the spotlight in the first place. “Who told you I was an agent?” she asked her BBC interviewer. “As I said before, numerous times, I will never deny and I will never confirm the fact.” Yet despite keeping mum about her past work, Chapman is enjoying her notoriety and the opportunities it has given her. She recently launched and is allegedly considering a run for office as a member of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party. "All I'm going to say is I'm interested in helping other people," she explained. "That's all." Look's like she's still not talking. —EMILY EXTON


  • Scott Deady
    Scott Deady on

    If she was a secret agent she would probably have to be silent about it. If she wants to keep her slight fame as a suspected agent it makes sense to remain silent too. She'll probably never reveal the truth

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