Anna Chapman, an ex-Russian spy, proposed marriage to NSA leaker Edward Snowden on Thursday via Twitter.

“Snowden, will you marry me?!” Chapman tweeted, adding “@nsa will you look after our children?”

Chapman, 31, was accused of gathering intelligence for Russia while she was living in the United States and working as a real estate agent back in 2010. The U.S. government ultimately deported her – and nine other Russians suspected of spy activity – back to Russian in a prisoner trade.

Fortunately for Chapman, when she was returned to Russia, instead of heading to a dark prison cell, she was welcomed into the spotlight of celebrity. Since her return to Russia, Chapman has become a beloved TV personality, with her last hosting gig on reality show Secrets of the World.

Anna Chapman's mugshot from 2010

Snowden, who has been struggling to secure asylum anywhere, has yet to reply to Chapman’s offer of marriage. While he’s yet to petition for asylum in Chapman’s native Russia, it’s not believed that Russia would grant it to him. Russia would then join the ever-growing list of country’s who’ve rejected him, which includes, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and most surprisingly, Ecuador.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has committed himself to helping Snowden, however the U.S. government’s decision to revoke Snowden’s passport greatly limits what he can do for the 30-year-old NSA leaker.

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