All My Children and One Life to Live have been given a second life on the internet, after the two longstanding soap operas were canceled due to poor ratings in 2011.

Both All My Children and One Life to Live debuted in the new format at 5 a.m. Monday on video streaming service Hulu. The new episodes are only a half hour each, compared to their typical hour-long episodes. Both of them pick up five years after their last episodse wrapped up, although they feature many of the same faces from the TV versions of the shows.

One noticeable difference that came along with the switch to online programming is the decidedly more mature content featured on the programs. Free from the constraints of daytime TV, both shows are allowing more swearing from the characters and more explicit references about sex. On AMC, not only is there an intense lip lock between a gay male couple on the show, but when Angie and Jesse are lying in bed together after presumably having sex, she not-so-subtly says, "I don't think I can take anything else big this morning."

While some were displeased with the more adult themes, including the Organization of Conservative Americans, who tweeted about their disgust, others were more open minded. "After circumventing the circuitous route that is viewing TV online, AMC might be worth it," Twitter user @MelissaMermaid tweeted The New York Post.

While shows like House of Cards and Arrested Development, which are generally targeted at a slightly younger demographic than soap operas have made the move to instant streaming, it seems like a much riskier gamble to offer the same format for AMC and OLTV. Soap operas, which have been around since 1930s commercial radio, generally reach a slightly less tech-savvy audience. The shows won't know how many viewers are streaming the episodes for quite some time.

Watch a sneak peak of All My Children below:

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