Micheal B. Jordan has paid tribute to his Black Panther costar Chadwick Boseman in a touching Instagram post. Boseman’s death was confirmed by his representatives on Twitter on August 28, announcing that he had been battling colon cancer to the surprise of his Marvel fans and colleagues, Jordan included.

“I now understand how much of a legend and hero YOU are,” he wrote in his heartfelt Instagram letter. “I wish we had more time.”

Jordan’s message highlights how much of an inspiration Boseman had been to him, starting with their roles in the show All My Children, the first project they had worked on together.

You showed me how to be better, honor purpose, and create legacy. And whether you’ve known it or not…I’ve been watching, learning and constantly motivated by your greatness.”

The two actors had also both worked on the show Lie to Me as guest stars in different episodes. They co-starred a second time in Black Panther, and were set to co-start again in the 2021 Marvel show What If…?.

“I’ll miss the gift of sharing space with you in scenes. I’m dedicating the rest of my days to live the way you did,” he finishes. “‘Is this your king!?’ Yes. he. is! Rest In Power Brother.”


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