Ali Fedotowsky shared the results from a recent blood work test with her Instagram followers, revealing that she has iron-deficiency anemia.

“I almost did not tell you guys this because, honestly, it feels like it has been one thing after another,” she said in a series of videos. “But I feel like I have to because everyone’s going to be like, ‘Why are you tired all the time?’ So I ended up going to the doctor, got a bunch of blood work done, testing everything under the sun.”

“After getting all this blood work done, it turns out I am super anemic, which I didn’t know,” she explained. “My ferritin levels, which is how your blood stores iron, are basically zero, so my doctor’s like, ‘Um, no wonder you’re exhausted all the time. Like, I’m surprised you’re out and about.'”

Fedotowsky later shared with her followers that after the blood tests, she started taking iron supplements and will receive intravenous treatment at the hospital.

“I’m on an iron regimen now – I’m taking it three times a day,” she said. “And I’m going and getting, this week, an iron IV, where they’re actually going to hook me up to an IV and fill my system with iron. So I’m excited about that.”

In January 2020, Fedotowsky shared her skin cancer experience after she revealed on Instagram that she had been diagnosed with Basal cell carcinoma.

“I just had a feeling that it was not right. Like, I knew it didn’t look right,” she said during an interview with Good Morning America. “It was kind of almost red and [it] hurt a little bit, so for a minute I’m like, ‘Is it a scab? Is it a mole?’ Any time the C-word is used, I think it’s a scary thing, but it’s just so good that I paid attention to my body.”

“Not only did I go in tanning beds, not only did I lay out at the beach with no sunscreen, I was putting baby oil all over my body,” she said, referring to what her skincare routine was like before being diagnosed with cancer. “I think now as an adult, and now that I’m a parent especially, I care about my health so much more because I have two little people that are depending on me.”

Fedotowsky also encouraged others to get their skin checked regularly and to be cautious when spending time in sunlight.

“It’s the easiest thing ever. You pop in, they examine your body, and then if anything looks a little weird they will do a biopsy [and] send it off for testing,” she said. “Sunscreen now is so important to me. My kids never leave home without it.”

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