Ali Fedotowsky and fiancé Kevin Manno welcomed a daughter on Wednesday.

The Fedotowsky posted a photo of the newborn on Instagram.

Manno tweeted a photo of his family to share, “The absolute best day of [his] life.”

The baby was named Molly Sullivan Manno, after her late great grandmothers, Molly Fedotowsky and Eva Sullivan.

Fedotowsky first appeared on The Bachelor before becoming the star of The Bachelorette in 2010. She got engaged to Roberto Martinez after he proposed on The Bachelorette but the two ended the relationship in November 2011.

She then met Manno through a mutual acquaintance in Chicago and after their friendship developed the two got engaged in September 2015. The couple was set to marry in Mexico but canceled the wedding due to concerns about the Zika virus.

Also foiled were the plans to marry in California this past January. Fedotowsky was worried about enjoy the day to its fullest and felt her pregnancy would have been a hinderance.

“I want to be able to let loose and completely enjoy myself at my wedding,” she told the The Knot. “I didn’t know how pregnancy would affect me, so I didn’t want to risk feeling crappy on my wedding day. It’s a good thing we didn’t get married then because I was so sick at the beginning of my pregnancy. It would have been a rough night for me.”

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