Alec Baldwin made his first appearance as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Alec Baldwin As Donald Trump

For the Cold Open, Baldwin suited up, wore an elaborate orange wig, matching orange makeup and got behind a podium for a mock presidential debate with Kate McKinnon‘s Hillary Clinton.

“I have the best judgment. And the best temperament. She’s the one with the bad temperament. She’s always screaming. She’s constantly lying,” Baldwin as Trump insisted. “Her hair is crazy. Her face is completely orange except around the eyes where its white. Once she stops talking, her mouth looks like a tiny little butthole.”

Baldwin also dove into Trump’s economic policy and his pronunciation of China – “Jy-nah.”


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“Our jobs are fleeing this country…. They’re going to China,” he said. “If Hillary knew how [to bring jobs back], she would have done it already. Period. End of story. I won the debate. I stayed calm, just like I promised. It is over. Goodnight, Hofstra.”

However, the debate was far from over. Among other things, Michael Che as Lester Holt had some questions about Trump’s position on the Iraq War.

“I was against the war, ask anyone in the world named Sean Hannity. … I told him in private,” he claimed. “Next thing I knew, I was kissing Sean Hannity.”

Of course, the faux debate wouldn’t have been complete without a mention of sniffing. “Sniffles. Do you hear that? It’s picking up somebody sniffing here? It’s her sniffs,” said Baldwin, attempting to blame Clinton for the tic.

Baldwin’s Trump also mentioned Rosie O’Donnell and Bill Clinton‘s past indiscretions. What was McKinnon’s Clinton’s reaction to all of this? Joy, and an eagerness for people to get to the polls.

“This is going so well. Exactly how I always dreamed,” she said at one point. Asked for a response at another point, she said, “Not a response, more of a request. Can America vote right now?”

Saturday Night Live airs Saturday on NBC at 11:30 p.m. EST.

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