Alec Baldwin made a public response to a new forensic report concerning the functionality of the revolver which killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the indie film Rust in New Mexico. The actor, who is facing multiple lawsuits regarding the incident, claimed in a statement “I know every single person on the set of that film knows what happened.

Baldwin said in a prior interview with George Stephanopoulos that he didn’t pull the trigger and that it occurred while cocking the gun, and he also claimed other crew members were negligent in handing him the gun and telling him it was a “cold gun” before it went off striking Hutchins fatally and the director Joel Souza nonfatally.


Baldwin lashed out at reporting on this development when he was interviewed by Chris Cuomo on his new YouTube news series. Cuomo was fired by CNN last year due to a potential conflict of interest involving him advising his brother Andrew Cuomo, who had to resign as New York governor following multiple accusations of sexual harassment.

He began the story with a description of how he was “fanning” the gun when it accidentally went off, which was the same thing he told Stephanopoulos. Baldwin referred to the “Principal Safety Officer” of the film and said he declared the gun cold in front of the whole set.

“Now, why did he say that? If he didn’t know, if he hadn’t checked?” Baldwin said. The chief crew member in charge of safety is usually the assistant director, in this case Dave Halls.

“The people who are talking loudest about what happened or speculated about what happened were not on the set of the film,” he continued in a remote interview with Cuomo.

“They dined out on this, and the thing that they have in common is that nobody was there.”

According to an FBI forensic examination of the revolver that Baldwin held in the shooting obtained by ABC News, the weapon “could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger while the working components were intact and functional.”

While no charges have been filed yet in relation to the shooting, an open investigation is still being conducted by the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office with support from the FBI.

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