KISS frontman Gene Simmons has proposed to his longtime girlfriend and mother of his children, Shannon Tweed. Simmons, 61, and Tweed, 54, have been in a live-in relationship for 28 years. Simmons has long held on to his identity as "not the marrying kind," despite the fact that his relationship with Tweed appears to have been, if not a marriage by name, then at least one in every other way. They have two children: Nick, 22, and Sophie, 19.

Simmons proposed to the ex-Playboy Playmate "months ago," the rocker told TMZ, but the footage will not air until tonight on the A&E reality series, Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, when we will also find out Tweed's answer. The couple was vacationing in Belize, standing on a rock overlooking the ocean, when Simmons popped the question.

"I come with so much baggage, but you're the only friend I've got. You're the only one I love … and you're the only one I ever will love," Simmons said, gazing into Tweed's eyes. "I've never said those words to anybody. And I don't ever want to … funny, I used to watch movies where they say I can't live without you, but for me it's true."

The couple's strained relationship has been the main focus of this season's Family Jewels. The discord reached its peak, publicly, on HLN's The Joy Behar Show, when Simmons stormed off the set during an interview.

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