Gene Simmions became ill during a KISS concert on Thursday night in Brazil.

During the show in Manaus, Brazil, on April 12, the band had to pause a couple of minutes into the show because Simmons became sick on stage.


“Hold on, hold on. We’re gonna have to stop,” said Paul Stanley, the rock group’s singer, and guitarist. “We know how much you love Gene, and he’s obviously sick. We’re gonna have to stop to take care of him because we love him, right?”


The 71-year-old rocker continued to say, “Let’s give Gene a really loud, ‘Gene!’ One, two, three — Gene!”

After five minutes, Simmons returned back on stage to sing “Say Yeah” on a chair. He then took to Twitter the next morning to thank his fans for all love they shared after finding out he was Ill

The band is currently touring on their End of the Road Tour, and they announced that they would return to the United States from October through December to perform. The tour previously began in 2019, but it was put on hold due to the pandemic.

Their last tour dates are December 1 and 2, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers picked New York City for their final performance in honor of the band’s origins in the 1970s.

KISS was born on 23rd Street in New York, and they will finish the tour at Madison Square Garden, which is 10 blocks and 50 years from where they had started.

The band will no longer be going on tours but has spoken out about attending one-off concerts and festivals.

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