Adele’s estranged father, Mark Evans, has died at the age of 57 due to bowel cancer. During her acceptance speech in the 2017 Grammy Awards, Adele said that she loved her manager, Jonathan Dickins, as she would a father, adding that she doesn’t love her actual father.

A source told The Sun that Evans wanted to fix his relationship with Adele before passing away and had attempted to do so a few times in the past.

Evans’ relationship with Adele was rancorous until his death.

Evans mentioned during an interview that he split from the singer’s mother when Adele was three years of age and that he regrets not being a part of her life.

Shortly after separating from Adele’s mother, Evans became an alcoholic after his own father died, worsening his relationship with the singer.

“I knew she’d be missing her grandad just as much as I was because they had such a close bond. She adored him. Yet all I could do was drink and I’m so … ashamed of myself for that. I was in so much grief that I couldn’t see past myself and how I was feeling,” Evans said.

Evans admitted that he had been a “rotten father when (Adele) needed (him).”

Adele told Vogue that she tried to move forward and have a relationship with her father, but it was impossible because he had “blown it.”

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