Adele at the Grammys Sunday stopped her George Michael tribute moments after she began, and asked the band to start again.


“I know it’s live TV, I’m sorry… I can’t do it again like last year,” she said. “I’m sorry for starting again, can we please start again? I’m sorry I can’t mess this up for him.” She let out an accidental F-bomb as well, and apologized for that as well.

During one of her five acceptance speeches, she spoke on the matter again. “I really do apologize for swearing,” she said to the crowd. “George Michael, I love him, it means a lot to me, so I’m really sorry if I offended anyone anywhere.”

People praised her stutter start, and for being brave enough to stop and ask to restart when she messed up the beginning of Michael’s hit about casual gay sex, “Fastlove.” The Internet flooded with messages of support for the singer, who has famously struggled with stage fright.

“Your realness made that moment even more special,” tweeted Skirllex. “That took so much guts, George would have been so proud.” Bette Midler chimed in as well, saying, “#Adele taught us all a great lesson just now. If it’s not right? START OVER AND NAIL IT! And she did. Love you, girl.”

At last year’s Grammys, she stumbled over a piano lick during a performance of “All I Ask.” “Not like last year,” she said when she asked the band to start again.

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