Love is in the air for Aaron Sorkin and Paulina Porizkova.

The couple made their red carpet debut Sunday night at the Oscars. The supermodel stunned in a gold gown as the filmmaker wore a classic black suit.

Sorkin’s film, The Trial of the Chicago 7, was nominated in five categories at the awards.

Sorkin was married to Julia Bingham for 11 years before they divorced in 2006. They share one daughter together. He has also previously dated Broadway star Kristen Chenoweth and Sex and the City star Kristen Davis.

Porizkova was married to Ric Ocasek for 28 years until their 2018 split. The singer passed away a year later as she was left out of his will.

Earlier this month, Porizkova wrote an op-ed for Yahoo about her rediscovering sex and relationships in her 50s.

“What I have found is that sex gets better with age, which is something that I was kind of terrified about for a while because I kept hearing all these horror stories about how you go through menopause and then you lose your sex drive and you don’t want to have sex anymore,” she said. “I had been wandering the desert for a little while and I was really afraid that somehow that part of my life was going to disappear or go away or was no longer something that I got to do. And it turns out that it only gets better because I know my body so much better. Whatever confidence and wisdom that you acquire with age, it’s kind of paying off in your 50s. Now I take my pleasure where I know that had it or where I can. I’m not there to please the guy; I’m there to be pleased.”


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