50 Cent threw an embarrassingly bad first pitch before Tuesday’s New York Mets game.

50 Cent's Horrible First Pitch – VIDEO

The rapper, real name Curtis Jackson, was clad in a Mets jersey with ‘Jackson’ written on the back – the number, of course, was 50. He took to the pitcher’s mound and threw the ceremonial first pitch, which sailed far left (to the right of the catcher) and narrowly missed the cameraman.

“And his first pitch is just a bit outside,” the commentator said as the pitch flew directly towards a huddle of cameramen.

Many were surprised by 50 Cent’s lack of ability on the baseball field, considering his tough-guy image and physical prowess, but 50 laughed off any critics. He was seen laughing right after the pitch and he later posted a short video to Instagram, jokingly defending himself, captioning it, “I’m a hustler not a damn ball player. LMAO.”

Late Tuesday night, the rapper tweeted about the failed pitch again, joking about how he almost hit the cameraman.

Twitter Makes Fun Of 50 Cent

He wasn’t the only one making fun of his horrible first pitch on Twitter. ’50 Cent’ was trending on Twitter all night and well into Wednesday morning. Many made fun of his baseball skills, but others focused on the comentator’s assertion that his throw was “just a bit outside.”

50 Cent threw the first pitch to promote his new album, Animal Ambition out June 3.

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