Arguably the thing that matters most other than football on Super Bowl Sunday are the commercials – and this year they delivered.

Although, some popular brands were noticeably absent, like Budweiser, which chose to donate the millions of dollars they would’ve spent on an ad to COVID-19 vaccine awareness. There still wasn’t a shortage of commercials.


A commercial featuring singing Sesame Street characters and Tony winner Daveed Diggs, who could want more? While the pandemic still rages on and eating out is still a risk, users are easily able to order from their favorite neighborhood restaurants.

General Motors

In this ad, we saw Will Ferrell play a character that hates Norway because they sell more electric vehicles per capita than the U.S. The commercial shows off GM’s new ultimo battery while Ferrell made a journey to Norway with cameos from Kenan Thompson and Awkwafina.

State Farm

This State Farm ad featured appearances of Aaron Rodgers, Paul Rudd, and Patrick Mahomes but the most talked about cameo was from Drake. He introduced himself as “Drake from State Farm” instead of the usual “Jake from State Farm” character.


Cadillac did something great with their ad. Winona Ryder reprised her role as Kim Boggs from the film Edward Sissorhands, who’s a mother to her son Edgar Sissorhands (played by Timothée Chalamet). The commercial showed that despite having scissors for hands, he can still drive the all electric Cadillac LYRIQ.


Toyota’s commercial knew how to pull at everyone’s heartstrings. Not sure what it had to do with cars but the ad starred American Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long and her adoption story. They left off with a message of inspiring “hope and strength in all of us.”

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