Ashley Tull, a Selbyville, Del., mother, has been charged by state police after her daughter allegedly turned up at her daycare center with 249 bags of heroin that she gave out to other children as candy. The incident happened after a mix-up. The family dog had chewed up the young girl’s school bag and Tull gave her a spare—which had the heroin in it.

Alicia Tull spoke in defense of her sister, saying she had no idea that there was heroin in the backpack and would not have sent her daughter to school with the bag if she had known. She said her sister does not use or deal drugs, and claims she was taken advantage of by an individual who stored the drugs in Tull's home without her knowledge or permission.

There were 3.7 grams of the Class A drug all together, and all the kids were rushed to the emergency room though they were all cleared. Staff at the Hickory Tree Child Care Center managed to get the drugs, marked “Slam” in small plastic wraps, before anyone could ingest them.

Tull has been charged with maintaining a drug property and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Though she only has the one daughter, Tull also has a 9-year-old son and an 11-year-daughter living her; all three children are in the custody of a relative.

Tull has been released on $6,000 bail.

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