Although NBC's 30 Rock is winding down for the season, fans rejoiced at the news they would be treated to a second live episode. As the crews put the finishing touches on the sets for Thursday night's episode, show creator and star Tina Fey gave a few hints of what we can expect.

While Liz Banks and James Marsden will be absent, we can expect a few exciting cameos from "some friends of comedy, some friends of 30 Rock," Fey told Inside TV (maybe another hilarious cameo from Julia Luis-Dreyfus?). Donald Glover will also make an appearance as a young Tracy Morgan in flashbacks.

According to Fey, the episode revolves around Kabletown's decision to stop live TGS tapings and switch to "a syndicated, Tyler Perry-model where they just make a hundred of them in two days."

As far as the show's season finale goes, although Fey said it had been taped, she wasn't as forthcoming with details. When it comes to 30 Rock, it's a safe bet that we won't be disappointed.

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