Sports were not the only source of young talent at the Olympic closing ceremony in PyeongChang on Sunday night.


South Korean teen Yang Tae-hwan shredded on the guitar during the stellar rock performance at the ceremony. The 13-year-old rocked a turtleneck and a leather jacket and threw his long hair back as he played.

The teen got the crowd up and moving in a rock and roll version of “Winter,” a concerto from composer Antonio Vivaldi’s iconic 1725 symphony “The Four Seasons.” According to NPR Asia’s Elise Hu, Yang got his big break on the South Korean talent search reality show Star King. He released his first album at the age of 10.

The internet is losing it over Yang’s incredible artistic talent. “My new hero: the 12 year old shredding Vivaldi on electric guitar WHAT,” tweeted out one user. “My new aesthetic is 100% going to be this guitar player at the closing ceremony,” said another.

Yang was one of many performers at the closing ceremony, but by far the youngest. K-pop artists CL and EXO gave choreographed routines and beautiful visuals, but Yang was the standout from the show.

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