TLC has released a documentary about the strange story of Mayra Rosales, 31, an over-1000-lb. a woman who falsely confessed in 2008 to killing her 2-year-old nephew, Eliseo, by rolling over on him to protect her sister — the boy’s mother — who was later revealed to have beaten Eliseo before his death, causing injuries that led up to it.

The TLC documentary, Half-Ton Killer?, reveals how Rosales got to such an extreme weight, as well as the events leading up to the crime for which Rosales took responsibility, reportedly so her sister’s other children would continue to have a mother, and since she considered herself to have a very low quality of life in the first place, reports the New York Daily News.

It was discovered by Rosales’ lawyer, Sergio Valdez, that Rosales’ confession could not be true, given the sheer immobility of his client, who could not roll over at all. Also, the boy’s cause of death appeared to be from being hit — not being smothered.

“When you first walk in [and see Mayra],” Valdez said about meeting her, “She’s got a blanket covering her; there’s pillows all around her and so you don’t know whether it’s pillows or whether it’s her …. You make a circle and [you realize] that it’s Mayra.”

Mayra’s sister, Jaime Rosales, pleaded guilty to causing injury to a child and is serving a 15-year sentence. Half-Ton Killer? premiered Wednesday night on TLC. It will air again on November 7, 2012.

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