NCIS returned on Monday with the team picking up their efforts to track down terrorist Benham Parsa, whose drone attack paralyzed McGee’s girlfriend Delilah.

'NCIS' Recap

The episode, “Monsters and Men,” opened with Bishop (Emily Wickersham) swinging at some softballs at a local batting cage. While getting out her extra energy, Bishop’s NSA supervisor Marlens expresses his disappointment in her failure to tell him she was working on the Parsa (Solomon Shiv) case with the NCIS. He even threatens to pull the new NCIS star from joint duty.

At NCIS headquarters, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) lets the team know that a body that could be Parsa’s bodyguard may have been found in the water in Portsmouth. Just then, Bishop arrives and informs Gibbs that she believes that Parsa is in Pakistan. In two days, it will mark 10 years since the death of Parsa’s parents by US air strike. His parents, she hypothesizes, were buried in the Swat district. How does she know all of this? Apparently she’s the NSA’s Parsa expert, and has been looking into him for six years.

Bishop Is Keeping Secrets From Gibbs

Gibbs, angered by Biship not telling him about her Parsa experience, pulls her aside and demands to know why she kept it a secret from him. Now that he knows she’s been analyzing him for years, he wants to know everything she’s learned. According to Bishop, clearance issues keep her from relaying the details of the assignment. Despite Gibbs' apparent irritation, Bishop insists that right now they just need to focus on making sure Parsa doesn’t leave the US.

When Gibbs visits Abby (Pauley Perrette) in the lab, she tells him that the body is that of Alex Rio, a Port Authority officer. Rio had been clad in the bodyguard’s clothes, clearly meant to be a decoy. However, the fact that there’s a bullet hole in one of the pant legs and no gunshot wounds present on the body, they’re able to deduce that the bodyguard has been shot.

Gibbs also gets filled in by Marlens about Bishop’s past. Before she became involved with the NCIS, she’d been working as a deployed analyst in the Middle East. While there, she picked up on Parsa’s activities and made it her mission to hunt him down. Before she could get him, she was taken off the case for reasons Marlens won’t talk to Gibbs about.

Regardless of his new knowledge, Gibbs isn’t ready to work with Bishop again just yet and makes her stay behind as he leaves for the airport with McGee (Sean Murray) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) to track down Parsa’s real bodyguard. It’s later learned that Parsa’s bodyguard is also his cousin and named Khalil.

Bishop Leads NCIS Team To Parsa

A frustrated Bishop gets some tips from Tony and McGee about how to regain Gibbs’ trust and confidence. Making her way into the interrogation room, Bishop lays into Khalil. Using the information she has, she tells him that his sons are on the CIA’s radar – and that they know Parsa’s been spotted with his family. A drone attack has been scheduled to wipe them out. Bishop’s threats encourage Khalil to reveal that his cousin has a compound in Mingora.

After a Navy Seal team is enlisted to raid the compound, Bishop tells Gibbs that Parsa had identified her and contacted her a couple years ago. When the NSA found out she was keeping information from them, she was pulled off the case. Apparently, Parsa had successfully made her partially empathize with him.

When the NCIS team gets to interrogate Parsa, Gibbs allows Bishop some alone time with the terrorist. Not long after, McGee uncovers Parsa’s target list on his laptop and realizes Bishop is the next target. A quick-thinking Gibbs finds audio of Parsa’s sister’s voice, which distracts the terrorist long enough for Gibbs to get a clean shot on him.

Back at the batting cages, Bishop is joined by Gibbs. He wants her to officially come onboard at NCIS as a probationary agent.

NCIS airs Tuesdays on CBS at 8/7c.

– Chelsea Regan

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