Miranda has an Aries Sun sign, which are known for being impulsive, courageous, confronting, challenging and energizing, as well as occasionally being impatient, tactless and not following through.

In her chart she has the Sun square the Moon, which often indicates inner tension based around her willpower being in conflict with her emotion as and feelings. As her moon is in the 12th house then all she might actually want is a quiet life! Of course having children and building a family around her is one good way of doing that. That aspect is always going to be a challenge for her, especially now that the planet of awakening and liberation, Uranus is in conjunction with her sun and squaring her moon. As she is expecting her second child then she’ll be taking life gently, so it’s possible that she might have found herself a new hobby or interest, something to stimulate her intelligence and learning capability. It could be she’s writing a book, but it might be something she’s being taught as well. She might not announce it until after her baby is born and into 2019, but it’ll be interesting to see what it is that she’s currently discovering.

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